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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  July 28, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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be hot for the foreseeable future. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. 74 degrees already at 5:00 a.m. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center to talk about this heat. bill? >> it's not just the heat it's also the humidity which is noticeably higher this morning and has led to areas of fog, thickening fog at this hour down to 2 1/2 miles of visibility in blue bell. look at coatesville, zeros havability right now there. down to just under two miles in pottstown. thick fog also started to descend on tom's river. half a mile visibility there. the temperatures climbing will do away with the fog and they will be climbing. they'll soar this afternoon. 82 degrees at 10:00 after we start in the middle 70s. not a bad start but a quick warmup through the morning by 1:00 this afternoon, 87 degrees and still climbing. the hot weather forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i come back in ten minutes. right now let's see how the traffic is moving. jessica boyington has first
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alert traffic. >> and bill what we're dealing with right now on the schuylkill expressway some ongoing construction but we are dealing with a new problem here at spring garden street. you can see this is the exit ramp towards spring garden street to the schuylkill expressway westbound. that's actually blocked off and closed right now. you can't access the schuylkill from this ramp on the westbound side. the drive times are doing okay there as well. you can see only about an 11-minute trip. if you're heading in that direction, take girard avenue to access the schuylkill right now. 495 southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway, 13 minutes. out for mass transit, we're doing okay free and in the clear, no problems no delays for new jersey transit, septa and the patco speed line we'll keep you updated as the morning
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progresses. shell casings line a street in philadelphia's feltonville section. investigators say one of the three people was inside the home when he was shot through a window. police are looking for three men last seen running through an alley in dark colored clothing. also new from overnight, everyone made it out safely from this home on kingsessing avenue in west philadelphia after a fire broke out just after 3:00 this morning. it took crews about 20 minutes to get it under control. we don't know what started that fire. rammed rolled and arrested. we've had new developments this morning involving the robbery suspect who led police on a wild chase that went back and forth between philadelphia and south jersey for two hours. the suspect, according to sources, robert ritter, was escorted into the southwest detectives after he was released from the hospital. you can see the high-speed chase he led police on for more than two hours. he drove the white van from oakland, camden county where he was first spotted to philadelphia, through the city back to new jersey where he
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sped through a crowded mall parking lot and then went again into philadelphia. police say he crashed near the airport after he tried to navigate a tight turn. >> he just looked dazed and confused at the time of arrest. we're fortunate that no one was injured, the public. the officers did a nice job, the pennsylvania state police and from oakland. >> ritter is wanted for robbing a new jersey business with a shotgun shotgun. once he's processed on charges in philadelphia, he'll be sent to new jersey for charges there. philadelphia police are still searching for the owner of a vehicle involved in the deadly hit and run yesterday morning. investigators want to talk to a man named alberto vangas. nbc 10's jesse gary is live for us in north philadelphia following this investigation. jesse, what's the latest? >> reporter: chris, we just checked in with police. they say they have not found vangas. while they continue to search,
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two families grieving this morning. franky arroyo overcome with grief over the death of his father francis arroyo. they just completed mechanical work on his nephew's special needs van and was headed home. a gray mitsubishi spread east on luzerne, slammed into the mazda and then raced from the scene. francis died due to the injuries in the crash. >> my dad is a good guy. nobody has to go through this. >> in addition to the death, the dog max was missing. the bichon was in the van. the family is asking if you happen to see the dog, give them a call and of course if you happen to know where alberto vangas is definitely call police. we'll have an update in the next half hour.
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live in philadelphia jesse gary, nbc 10 news. happening today, a federal judge in camden will sentence reputed mobster nicodemo scarfo for his racketeering. several associated siphoned millions of dollars from a texas mortgage firm. scarfo and palulo each face 30 years to life in prison. thomas coffey faces a list of charges in the shooting death of daniel cook of williamstown, cook was gunned down in west oak lane in 2013. police say he was in the area to buy an atv he saw advertised on craigslist. when cook showed up for the sale, coffey robbed and killed him. 5:05 now. preparing for the pope. believe it or not we're just less than two months away from pope francis's historic visit to philadelphia. as amazing as this is we know
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it's going to make traffic an absolute nightmare. the pressure is building on city officials to release their plan for how people can get around while the pope's in town. myer michael nutter addressed that issue yesterday. he said city leaders have yet to decide on specific street closures and security zones. he emphasized keeping pope francis is the priority. >> i'm not going to give every nut case information from a safety standpoint as to when and where and what route pope francis will be transported. >> septa was supposed to announce when it would put the papal regional rail passes back on sale. it posted that until sometime later this week. one local town has already declared a state of emergency. that part of the story ahead at
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5:30. plus, the shortage of hotels. at 550678955, one group's creative sleeping solution as they hope to get the attention of pope francis himself. happening today, a panel will gather to look at i new report highlighting the challenges of implementing universal pre-k in philadelphia. the william penn foundation will host today's discussion on breaking barriers to early education access. it comes on the heels of a new study showing the majority of philadelphia pre-k centers in philadelphia fall short of delivering high quality education to children. the study revealed it cost on average close to $12,000 a year to educate a child but state funding for each child falls about $3,000 short. >> you think of a room of ten children, that's a gap of $30,000 that a high-quality center has to make up often through outside donations to provide the quality of care kids need to succeed.
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>> >> this is >> >>. education funding was behind pennsylvania governor's return visit to chester county yesterday. the governor brought his schools that teach tour to area middle schools. he spoke about his investment plan for education. earlier this month, the governor stopped in downingtown. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> eight minutes after 5:00. we're getting a warmer start and we're seeing some higher humidity which has led to some fog in the area this morning. thick fog will disappear with hot, humid conditions this afternoon. a heat wave is brewing. we'll be in the 90s today and that continues right on through the weekend and beyond. right now, 68 degrees in doylestown, philadelphia is 76 and 70 degrees in millville with mostly clear skies, you can see
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the low-lying fog. this is a view from the french manor above the follow level. the fog disappears and the sunshine takes over and starts the heating process during the day. the thickest fog in pennsylvania, a couple spots in new jersey as well down under a mile in pottstown, half a mile in blue bell. these are changing minute by minute. in fact, it's down to a quarter mile in lancaster but it just went within the last few minutes from zero visibility in coatesville to three-mile visibility. a little bit of a breeze will improve the situation. the same thing happened in hazleton. spots, somerville in north jersey is down to half a mile visibility, half a mile also in toms river. no sign of the fog in millville or dover this morning. sunshine will be bright and will be warming us into the 90s. just a few scattered clouds. the fog will disappear. no sign of the showers we had yesterday. the last few sprinkles offshore
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of the jersey coastline this morning and will not return this afternoon. the forecast calling for 90s this afternoon for allentown, reading and quakertown. bright sunny skies, warm temperatures up for trenton, norristown and mt. holly. we're looking at 80s for the jersey shore and hotter inland 90 degrees in vineland while dover and rehoboth hit 83 degrees this afternoon. it's into the 90s for westchester and williamstown with hotter weather to come. details with the seven day when i'm back in ten. >> all right, bill ten minutes after 5:00 now. we'll see how things are going out there on the roads for those of you who like to leave the house earlier than others in the morning. >> jessica boyington has the traffic. >> we're having a good run so far for the morning. route 1 around roberts avenue hardly even a car in sight if you're headed northbound or southbound currently no problems there. the pa turnpike is doing just fine as well. work zone's all cleared out of the way. good to go there. 23 minutes at the most from
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route 1 up towards valley forge. the rest of the drive times heading into philadelphia on 95 southbound from woodhaven road up towards the vine 12 minutes. 12 minutes as well on the schuylkill if you're headed east from the blue route up towards the vine no problems on the blue route. southbound from the schuylkill expressway up towards 95 just about a 10-minute trip. we'll check in with the area bridges coming up in the next ten minutes. 11 minutes past 5:00 right now. mystery solved. >> yes, she was a wonderful person. she was good to us all of us. >> nbc 10 tracks down friends and neighbors who remember the woman whose cremated remains ended up in a philadelphia lot. we'll tell you what we uncovered about her life and how her remains may have ended up here. and reunited after a social media search. nbc 10 is there as a bicyclist secure injured on a ride meets up with the mystery man who stopped to help her.
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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the time is 5:14. more than 1,200 firefighters will continue battling a fire that has been raging for days near fresno. the willow fire broke out saturday afternoon, quickly torched more than 1,500 acres. despite a steady air attack the fire is only 5% contained. this morning, evacuations are in effect for the entire area. not too far away in sacramento county, a suspect is behind bars
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on multiple counts of arson after allegedly sparking a grass fire. fire officials say the so-called browning fire has already burned 450 acres and destroyed several homes. 5:15. we now know how that box of cremated remains wound up in an empty lot in north philadelphia. we showed you that story yesterday morning. well, a woman reached out to nbc 10 last night and said she was friends with the deceased woman whose name is linda upshur. this woman said upshur had no immediate family and was like family to her. she had the remains in the old apartment. she thinks she knows how they wound up in the vacant lot. >> i had the ashes for three or four years. my husband passed away and when i moved out, i left a lot of things behind and i guess that's how you found her ashes. >> cooper says she never intended disrespect.
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the box of ashes is in police custody. upshur could get the proper scattering friends say she always want. we expect a guilty plea from the upstate new york woman charged with helping two convicted murders escape from prison last month. joyce mitchell hid hacksaw blards andblard s -- blades and other cools in frozen meat. this is what the new issue of "new york" looks like. it hits newsstands today. all 35 of these women accuse comedian bill cosby of sexual assault. it's the first time some of the accusers have come forward publicly. meantime cosby's lawyers are appealing a judge's decision to unseal court filings that revealed controversialed amissions about his sexual encounters. earlier this month, a judge unsealed cosby's deposition from ten years ago. the documents quote cosby as
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saying he gave the women quaaludes, pain killers before sexual encounters. it's cosby's only testimony under oath about accusations that he sexually assaulted several women. 5:17. an historic decision from the boy scouts of america. the organization lifted its blanket ban on gay leaders. the boy scouts executive board made it official last night. it allows scouting groups to select adult leaders regardless of sexual orrion tags. there is an exception. church-sponsored scout units can refuse to hire gay scout leaders ba because of their faith. and a woman meets the good samaritan who helped her after a bicycle accident a few weeks ago. carrie says she and another rider collided, she flipped off her bike on july 4th. she was knocked unconscious.
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she woke up to this man holding her neck. he left once the ambulance got there. carrie reached out to nbc 10. she wanted to track him down. >> i kept asking my husband who this person was, this steve person i woke up to. all i know is her name is steve. there happened to be a picture on one of the biker's phones. >> we were very concerned about her and never expected to know anything more. the fact she reached out through facebook and nbc 10 is just an amazing testament to the power of social media today. >> it's pretty awesome. carrie gave steve a cycling shirt for the group she rides with which raises money for cancer research. carrie says she's ready to get back on the bike soon. >> i'm glad she's okay. 5:18. let's check your ride to work. >> nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington watching the roads and all the other things that move for us. >> chris and tracy, we're still doing okay. we're starting to see a little
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bit of traffic starting to accumulate on รง95. but we're still moving along fine. right around girard avenue these are the southbound lanes in here. you can see the southbound drive times, woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway, a 12-minute trip. 95 through delaware and through the wilmington area you can see all the cars are green. they're moving. definitely good thing there. 10 or 11 minutes if you're headed northbound or southbound from 295 up towards 495. in the philadelphia area from new jersey this morning, no problems for any of the area bridges, the tac pal, the betsy ross and the walt whitman are doing okay. the ben franklin two westbound lanes heading into philadelphia are blocked with ongoing construction. one or two lanes getting by there. that's fine for right now. as we head into the morning rush we'll see volume and delay. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a hot, humid day ahead. the humidity is already higher this morning and the
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temperatures will be climbing into the 90s. a little bit of a breeze blowing but not much. and what wind we will see is a southwesterly breeze overall. that's going to bring in the humid air that is going to stay with us into the next few days. there's a live view looking past the comcast center. skies are mostly clear in philadelphia. 75 degrees. 87% humidity and the wind at philadelphia international is calm. the pocono mountains, you can see some of the fog that's around this morning. that fog will be disappearing as the temperatures climb. right now, the thickest fog is in the pottstown area down to three-quarter mile visibility. fog is not an issue for delaware and most of new jersey. forecast is calling for sunshine to take over, a hot and humid afternoon. 90s this afternoon. the temperature goes up tomorrow up to 94 degrees. the humidity a bit higher on wednesday and that high humidity stays around for thursday. leading to late-day showers and
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thunderstorms. by friday, turning less humid behind the storms. the humidity drops, even though it will be hot, it will be more comfortable for friday saturday and sunday but the humidity returns with a high of 90 for monday. officials in south jersey are urging people to attend two public hearings today surrounding the state's plan to build a natural gas pipeline. the state wants to build that pipeline through burlington, monmouth and ocean counties. today's hearings held by the state board of public utilities and new jersey natural gas happen at 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. both at the manchester township municipal building. ebay is ending one delivery option before it gets off the ground. the experts at cnbc will take us through the decision to walk away from one-hour delivery and the company's competitors who are still giving it a go.
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new this morning, the national security agency will stop using and eventually destroy the calling records of americans that it's collected. the word comes from the obama administration. the bulk collection program began shortly after 9/11. edward snowden leaked its existence you'll remember and last month congress passed a bill calling for an end to the program by the end of this year. 5:24. ebay is saying so long to
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same-day deliveries. morgan brennan is here with that. good morning. >> good morning to you. that's right. ebay is ending one-hour delivery program called ebay now. the pilot service was launched in san francisco in 2012 and expanded to the rest of the bay area, new york city and chicago and dallas. couriers used cars and beaks to deliver items from stores such as best buy and macy's. ebay has been competing in a crowded field, however, it has rivals such as amazon and google who have been testing same-day delivery service. meanwhile on wall street, futures are pointing to a higher open as the markets look to snap a five-day losing streak. stocks well monday after china's market suffered its biggest one-day decline since 2007. oil prices continue to drop. u.s. oil provisions are trading around $47 a barrel. today we're getting prices on home prices and consumer
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confidence within including ford pfizer and merck reporting. the nasdaq down 48 to 5039 yesterday. >> a lot of people watching today. thanks so much. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 5:26. 74 degrees. some areas of og manly in pennsylvania. at the jersey shore, getting ready for a warm afternoon. that's a live view of cape may. temperatures will be claiming into the 80s right on the beach. even warmer inland. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. what's happening this morning, jessica? >> we're getting a good start on this tuesday morning. route 202 right around paoli pike, you can see moving along great in both directions. we'll check in and out of the philadelphia area coming up at 5:30. and right now, the man who led police in two states on this lengthy car chase is behind me inside southwest detectives. coming up i'll tell you what
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police say he did when he was first arrested.
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this is nbc 10 news. rolling to a stop. a two-state chase ends with the suspect's van crashing on a curve. we'll walk you through neighborhood by neighborhood and tell you what happened to the suspect juu
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>> preparing for the pope has already led to a state of emergency in one town. why officials there say it's needed to make sure everyone stays safe. and the heat is back on. we're starting another stretch of 90 degree days and it's going to feel even hotter. not always the heat the humidity as bill tells us. 74 degrees already at 5:30. good morning and welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. already looking steamy out there this morning. you'll feel it when you step out the door. meteorologist bill henley is here to explain how long the humidity will stick around. >> in some areas you'll see the additional humidity in the form of fog. you can see the low-lying fog in this view of the pocono mountains. this is the french manor above the fog level. you'll run into some fog areas, mainly in pennsylvania. look at somerville at half a mile. it's down to three-quarters in pottstown and zero visibility in coatesville. light fog in toms river, half a mile no problem for a


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